When parents separate there is always impact to children to its best to have a co parenting plan with your ex where you both control decisions around your children. Mediation can be perfect to have that safe and open conversation with an impartial professional.

Shared and Co Parenting Bracknell

Are you being pushed out of your childs life?

Not involved in making decisions?

Want to get more involved with whats going with your child/children?

PARENTS who co-parent make joint decisions and a mediator can help you reach a way of both involved enqually.

Shared and Co Parenting Bracknell

After Divorce numerous challenges arise regarding who is supposed to take care of the children and, more often, couples find themselves in courts seeking legal intervention to solve the whole issue of children. In some rare cases, after the divorce, the father assumes a responsibility of visiting his children after some time, and this may work perfectly if the divorced parties are in agreement.

However, in some cases, disagreements arise which necessitates the need for a shared parenting plan.

What is shared parenting?
Shared parenting is best described as a court ordered arrangement which carefully assigns all parental responsibilities and rights involving a child after a divorce or in instances where the parents of the child were never married.

In this case, the child is brought up with the love and care of both parents as equal partners. In a shared parenting plan, key issues involving the child such as parenting or visitation time and the decision-making authority are fully deliberated upon by the court.

Other issues may include the most appropriate school for the child and who between the father and the mother remains in custody of the minor. In parallel parenting, parents of the minor are required to share all or some of the aspects of the legal and physical care of the child in strict accordance with the shared parenting plan.

What the court looks at in shared parenting

  • In determining a suitable shared parenting plan, the court looks at what suits the child. The court looks at The ability of both parents to cooperate and make decisions suitable for the child
  • The potential or history of child abuse, domestic violence or spouse abuse or issues to deal with parental kidnapping by either parent
  • The recommendations of the child’s guardian
  • The geographical proximity of both parents to each other and to the child

Shared parenting responsibilities

In a shared parenting plan, the parents have responsibilities that they must fulfill towards the well-being of the child. Both parents share long-term decision making about the child concerning cultural and religious matters, living arrangements for the child, educational and medical matters. In this plan, the day-to-day decisions such as what kind of food the child is supposed to take or wear are not included.

Parenting Time
In determining the amount of parenting time allocated to each parent, the court considers whether it is practical to allocate equal time to both parents and whether it is serving the best interest of the child.The court determines a substantial amount of time that the child may spend with either parent. In this case, the time may be weekdays, weekends or holidays with every parent spending some significant amount of time with the kid. Do you need evening or weekend mediation? click here

Consider using a mediator Bracknell
Even if the parents divorced in a friendly manner, it is close to impossible to agree on all matters regarding the care of the child. The partners should consider having a mediator if they don’t want to go to court so that any plans regarding the taking care of the child can be resolved quicker. See our fees

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